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Aurore Iradukunda joined the Pan-African frontiers and identities project as Doctoral Researcher

Updated: Jan 23

The Pan-African frontiers and identities project at SOAS University of London is pleased to welcome Aurore Iradukunda as a Doctoral Researcher,  where she will explore the trajectories as well as the intellectual and political outputs of the architects of independence in Lusophone Africa.  

Prior to her doctoral studies, Aurore has worked across different thematic such as African diaspora engagement, labour migration, and youth civic and democratic engagement, at organizations including the International Labour Organization and Apathy is Boring.

Her wider research interests include Cabralism, liberation movements, student movements & decolonial pedagogy.


Aurore said: “I am thrilled to have joined the Pan-African frontiers project and I look forward to contributing to the existing literature on the role of African students movements in decolonisation and in particular those across Lusophone Africa through a pan-African lens. Conducting this research on SOAS campus, a few steps away from 200 Gower Street—a transit point for many African nationalists in the 1960s and which housed the likes of revolutionary leader Amílcar Cabral and Hugo Azancot de Menezes—makes it all the more special!”

Welcome, Aurore!

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