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Research, Communications, and Events Intern

Updated: May 21

Title: Research, Communications, and Events Intern

Organisations: Shabaka and CPAS (SOAS University of London)

Project: Decolonising Digital Spaces in Africa and in the Diaspora

Placement: Shabaka

Duration: Up to 4 months

Mode: Primarily remote, with regular in-person meetings

Timing: June – September (20 days in total, with flexible days to be determined)

Target Candidate: Recent graduate or postgraduate student with an interest in the humanitarian, migration, and development fields. A background or demonstrated interest in Digital Rights is strongly preferred.

Remuneration: £14 per hour


Digital spaces have become ever more important, if contested, spaces both on the African continent and in the African diaspora. In addition to enabling and maintaining connections with extended family and local communities in countries of origin or heritage, these digital spaces also form vibrant and important ‘third spaces’ to share common experiences and challenges within and between different diaspora identities.

Shabaka and CPAS are collaborating on the 'Decolonising Digital Spaces in Africa and the Diaspora' project. This aims to explore the impacts of using digital spaces - online and in real-life – on African diaspora in the UK, and to identify and address the top harms and risks experienced by diaspora activists on digital platforms. By understanding these challenges, we aim to support their escalation by tech companies, provide in-depth policy knowledge, and offer training to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively. This will not only ensure their safety but also have a trickle-down effect on activists in their countries of origin.

This internship offers a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on skills and experience in research, communications, and project management within a dynamic and impactful project.


▪ Write a briefing on decolonising digital spaces, with inputs/guidance from CPAS and Shabaka

▪ Support the design and delivery of an event at SOAS in September

▪ Produce at least two blogs on digital rights.


The intern will report to Shabaka's Director for Research and Advocacy Manager. Responsibilities include:


▪ Conducting research on digital security-related themes in Africa and in the African diaspora, such as hostile speech, mis- and dis-information, digital authoritarianism, targeting of vulnerable individuals, and shrinking civic spaces.

▪ Assisting with data analysis (qualitative and quantitative) using relevant tools.

▪ Drafting a short briefing paper on decolonising digital spaces, digital security, and rights in

the African diaspora in the UK.


▪ Crafting and editing compelling at least two blogs on digital rights

▪ Support social media presence for CPAS and Shabaka (if applicable)


▪ Leading the organisation and delivery of two project events - one closed roundtable and one event for SOAS students in September 2024 This includes event logistics, promotion, and follow-up.

Project Management:

▪ Providing administrative and logistical support for the project.

▪ Tracking project timelines and deliverables

Qualifications, Experience, Skills, and Aptitude Essential:

Education: First degree or equivalent in any discipline. Social sciences, politics, or

communications backgrounds are preferred.

Language: Excellent command of written and spoken English.

Research: Interest in social science research methodologies.

Digital Rights knowledge or interest: thematic knowledge or focused interest in one or more of the following areas and how they affect Africa and the African diaspora:

  • Hostile speech (Bullying & Harassment, Violent Threats, Hate Speech)

  • Misinformation / Disinformation

  • Digital authoritarian tactics (shutdowns, surveillance, etc.)

  • Targeting of vulnerable groups

  • Shrinking civic space

  • Policies and regulations (Cybercrime Laws, Content Regulations, etc.)

  • Internet shutdowns and fragmentation

  • Cybersecurity

Communications: Prior experience in communications support, especially in social media, website maintenance, or marketing.

Project Management: Basic understanding of or interest in project management principles.


▪ Knowledge of African languages, French, Spanish, or Arabic

▪ Alignment with Shabaka’s and CPAS' mission, programs, and values.

Additional Skills and Qualities:

▪ Ability to meet deadlines, prioritise, and manage multiple tasks

▪ Works well under pressure

▪ Flexible, independent worker with strong teamwork skills

▪ Proactive and takes initiative

▪ Strong communication skills

▪ Legal right to work in the UK

Application Instructions

Curriculum Vitae (CV): Maximum 2 pages.

Cover Letter: Maximum 2 pages, demonstrating how your skills and experience align with the competencies outlined in this ToR.

Important Note: This opportunity is only available to SOAS students or graduates.

Deadline: Thursday, 30 May 2024

Please send a CV with covering letter to by the end of thursday 30th May 2024.


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